Lights and shadows in the John Bobo Bollenberg’s review

The review

It’s very difficult for an artist when an influential reviewer doesn’t like his music! This is what happened with the John Bobo Bollenberg’s review on the last issue of one of the most important prog fanzine, the well known Dutch magazine iO Pages.

Our objectives

We’ll try to start from John’s impressions in order to improve our music. We will work hard, be sure John!


One thought on “Lights and shadows in the John Bobo Bollenberg’s review

  1. I am very positive about the MUSIC dear friends, the only thing I’m dubious about are the vocals which, to my taste undermines the endresult and potential of the band. I see this from an international perspective and not solely at an Italian market. I have thousands of albums and artists to compare with and this review is, as always, my personal review. Give the album in the hands of someone else and he might write a different piece but I am always honest in what I write. It’s easier to give everyone the thumbs up and have tons of friends rather than be honest, critical and have lots of ennemies. But criticism is always positive when treated the right way.
    If you translate the entire review correctly then you’ll know that I’m very positive about the band and the new album with the only exception for the vocals which kind of block the progression of the band. No hard feelings but it was wel meant!
    John Bobo Bollenberg

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