Thanks to all our reviewers!

One Light Year has been reviewed 24 times since 12th October 2017!

24 great reviews! All positive!

For these reason we would like to thank every reviewer for the time spent listening to our music, for the incredible appreciation and the big encouragement that those reviews gave us.

Thanks to ProgCritique, Gabriel Badelier, Classic Rock Magazine, Classic Rock Italia, Mario Giammetti, ProGGnosis – Progressive Rock and Fusion, MLWZ, Artur Chachlowski, Rock Tribune, Danny Focke, PROG ARCHIVES, Secret of Steel, Davide Arecco,, Luca Piotto, Rock Impressions, Carmine Pongelli, MusicalNews, Beatrice Bonato, MetalEyes IYE, Stefano Cavanna, Web & Radio, Richard Hawey. Fireworks Magazine, Nicky Baldrian,, Daniel Eggenberger, Rock Hard Italy, Giuseppe Marasco, Arlequins – Progressive Rock Webzine, Valentino Butti,, Marcello Zinno, CLASSIX METAL & CLASSIX! Magazines, Mauro Furlan, L’, Joe Silver, Loud and Proud Italy, Sandro Buti – Heavy Metal Writer, Metal It –, Marco Aimasso, Raw & Wild, Cassatella, OndaRock, Valeria Ferro.

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