Thanks to all our reviewers!

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One Light Year has been reviewed 24 times since 12th October 2017! 24 great reviews! All positive! For these reason we would like to thank every reviewer for the time spent listening to our music, for the incredible appreciation and the big encouragement that those reviews gave us. Thanks to ProgCritique, Gabriel Badelier, Classic Rock […]


The end result is a neo-progressive with strong classical references

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On the Italian webzine a review of One Light Year by Valeria Ferro. Gli scaligeri Marygold, nati dalle ceneri di una cover-band dei Marillion, esordiscono nel 2005 con “The Guns Of Marygold”, anche se il battesimo di fuoco arriverà due anni dopo quando vengono chiamati ad aprire ai Balletto di Bronzo per il “Verona […]