Thanks to all our reviewers!

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One Light Year has been reviewed 24 times since 12th October 2017! 24 great reviews! All positive! For these reason we would like to thank every reviewer for the time spent listening to our music, for the incredible appreciation and the big encouragement that those reviews gave us. Thanks to ProgCritique, Gabriel Badelier, Classic Rock […]


“MARYGOLD comes back in force with a solid album that is clearly worthy of praise!”

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A wonderful new review of our “One Light Year” by Richard Hawey on Web & Radio MARYGOLD s’est formé à Vérone à l’automne de 1994, issu du groupe Wildfire, ce dernier reprenait surtout des pièces de Marillion, période Fish. Sous leur nouveau nom, le groupe a commencé à travailler leurs propres compositions, ce […]