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MARYGOLD – “One Light Year”

Progressive rock with a very classic taste for the Italian Marygold, a band that is now over twenty years old, which through various changes of line up remains in circulation, after having created only one album before this new convincing release. Almost an hour of intense melody, creativity, stylistic freedom that integrates an intense technique, rendered however in some way usable and enjoyable for an audience not restricted, relatively heterogeneous.

“Ants in the Sand” is almost rock/hard rock from eighties … a piece that at the time would no longer come out of charts and reproductions on radio. The technical level grows a lot with “15 Years”… everything becomes more theatrical but also futuristic… and it is impossible not to think of a simplified version of Ayreon, which is then confirmed by the beautiful “Spherax H2O”. Freed from barriers and boundaries with “Travel Notes on Bretagne”, a piece with a simple fabulous guitar. Engraved and deep “Without Stalagmite”, pure digression and emotional intensity with “Pain”. The long and conclusive “Lord of Time” reminds me of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra… so much theatrical, progressive and emotionally powerful. Intelligent disc, played and composed with style, art and genius. Of course, it’s not a trivial record, nor is it easy in the strictest sense (except for the opening track); a record that seems to be thought for a cultured and refined audience, even if the sequence of melodies can also be appreciated by the average listener. But whatever the level of musical culture of the listener,”One Light Year” manages to penetrate, listen after listening, explaining, suggesting, revealing and nurturing feelings of high quality. Another example of “underground” Italian, often a little forgotten, sometimes even ignored: a sublime, magical, infinitely suggestive example.

(Luca Zakk) Rating: 8/10

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