Marygold discography

One Light Year


Track List

01 Ants in the Sand (7:02)

02 15 Years (6:47)

03 Spherax H2O (12:28)

04 Travel Notes on Bretagne (6:27)

05 Without Stalagmite (6:38)

06  Pain (5:19)

07 Lord of time (11:44)



2017 – And 62 – Marygold – Andromeda RelixGT Music distribution


2017-12-09, Stefano Cavanna, Metaleyes, 8/10

Il progressive dei Marygold è competente, elegante ed ispirato il giusto per rispedire al mittente qualsiasi obiezione

Marygold’s progressive is competent, elegant and inspired the right to return any objection to the sender


2017-12-08, Beatrice Bonato,

Lo spirito progressivo classico che rimanda a Genesis e Yes si fonde con il taglio moderno di Steven Wilson. Nasce così il ritorno dei Marygold, che firmano un album meraviglioso.

The classic progressive spirit that recalls Genesis and Yes merges with the modern cut of Steven Wilson. This is how Marygold’s return came about, signing a wonderful album.


2017-12-06, Carmine Pongelli, Dimanga

Molto belli i due brani lunghi, “Spherax H2O” e “Lord of time”, pieni di cambi di tempo, di una grande varietà di atmosfere, di modulazioni particolarmente efficaci, di giochi ritmici, di tessuti sonori sempre piacevoli, profusione di Hammond, piano e Mellotron i cui intrecci assieme a quelli delle chitarre, sempre scintillanti, danno un grande valore aggiunto alla musica dei Marygold.

Very beautiful the two long songs,”Spherax H2O” and “Lord of time”, full of time changes, a wide variety of atmospheres, particularly effective modulations, rhythmic games, always pleasant sound fabrics, profusion of Hammond, piano and Mellotron whose interlacements together with those of the guitars, always sparkling, give a great added value to Marygold’s music.


2017-12-04, MS, Rock Impressions

“One Light Year” è un disco che ben si fa ascoltare, con numerosi momenti di buona musica fra melodie da scoprire e buona tecnica strumentale, qui i Marygold confermano la crescita.

“One Light Year” is a record that is well heard, with many moments of good music between melodies to discover and good instrumental technique, here Marygold confirm the growth


2017-11-27, Luca Piotto,, 8/10

Disco intelligente, suonato e composto con stile, arte e genialità.

An intelligent album, played and composed with style, art and genius.


2017-11-19, Davide Arecco, Secret of Steel, 4/5

un disco molto bello, pieno di armonie che rimandano alla purtroppo dimenticata tradizione del new prog melodico inglese dei primi anni Ottanta, non senza attualizzarne il retaggio

a very beautiful record, full of harmonies that recall the unfortunately forgotten tradition of new English melodic prog of the early eighties, not without updating its legacy


2017-11-15, Second Endeavour, Prog Archives

Marygold have returned with a solid album that’s clearly deserving of praise!


2017-11-14, Danny Focke, Rock Tribune Belgium, 7/10

De groep brengt een mix van ouderwetse Italiaanse prog met modernere klanken uit de neoprog periode.

The group brings a mix of old-fashioned Italian prog with more modern sounds from neoprog period.


2017-11-13, Artur Chachlowsky, MLWZ.PL

„One Light Year” to bardzo udana płyta. Ucieszy ona tych słuchaczy, którzy ukochali sobie klasyczne progrockowe brzmienia, bez zbędnych współczesnych wtrąceń i niepotrzebnego silenia się na nowoczesność za wszelką cenę. Marygold gra po prostu swoje i czyni to w sposób bardzo przekonywujący. Na tyle przekonywujący, że płytę „One Light Year” śmiało można nazwać oceanem muzycznych przyjemności.

‘One Light Year’ is a very successful album. It will be happy for those listeners who have loved classical progrock sounds, without unnecessary contemporary interjections and unnecessary amplification with modernity at any price. Marygold simply plays its own game and does so in a very convincing way. It’s so convincing that the album “One Light Year” can be easily called an ocean of musical pleasures.


2017-11-01, Marc, Proggnonis

The tracks are mostly song based but all offer some very nice soloing (guitars and keyboards) and excellent musical coating…


2017-10-28, Mario Giammetti, Classic Rock Italia N°62, 7/10

Gli occhi più teneri s’inumidiranno… ascoltando le armonie, le scansioni ritmiche ed alcune sequenze di accordi…

The softer eyes will moisten…. listening to harmonies, rhythmic scans and some chord sequences….


2017-10-27, Gabriel Badelier, Progcritique, 4/5

Dans la grande tradition du rock progressif Italien, j’ai été emballé dés la première écoute de « One Light Year » du groupe Marygold… Leurs mélodies s’égarent dans les tourments d’un rock progressif fin et raffiné, mais toujours intense.

In the great tradition of Italian progressive rock, I was thrilled from the first listening of “One Light Year” by the band Marygold… Their melodies stray in the torments of a fine and refined progressive rock, but always intense.


The Guns of Marygold


Track List

01 Hara-kiri Show (7:25)

02 Crows on the Tree (6:32)

03 Marygold (7:21)

04 Sunflowers (5:21)

05 Tania Stands (2:56)

06 The Wizard (9:46)




2005 – MAR01 – Marygold – Records